EMT Refresher Courses (On-site)

90% of Credentialed Students are Job Placed

70% Pass the National Registry Exam 1st Attempt

80% Pass the National Registry Exam 2nd Attempt

82%  - Retention (Students Complete the Course)

CPR Classes on Site - $75.00

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All westlink graduates are navigated towards becoming excellent  health care service providers... we assist our students in gaining  occupational skill-sets creating advantages for them in the employment sector by completing EMT Training.   We take pride in our High Placement Rates  for students who become Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT's).

Westlink Career Institute

1513-A Rhode Island Avenue, N.E.

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Approved by:

  • OSSE
  • AHA Training Center
  • DC EMS Training Center
  • Department of Health (DOH)
  • Office of HEPRA

Westlink courses

School Faculty

Dr. Dasia Merriweather, Dean of Allied Health Care

Vanessa Stanton, PMC, Dean of Academics

Karl Robinson, EMT-P (Advanced Instructor DCFD)

Theresa Shanklin, EMT-P (Advanced Instructor

Andrea Cummings, Skills Training Instructor

Romilus Queen, Tutor/Student Remediation

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Medical Assistant (MA)

CPR Training - American Heart Association

EMT Refresher Course

Message from the Dean

This may be the beginning of your EMS career or your chance to expand upon prior knowledge and experience. You may even be learning with us for a short refresher course.  In either case you will be challenged to excel by our expert instructors and staff. In Emergency Medical Services we often enter our patient’s lives at the worst possible times, and may ultimately be responsible for their outcome, so we must maintain the highest ethical, professional and academic standards. The reward, for those who are able to make it through, is an amazing opportunity to help our communities and our nation.

          In all sincerity….Good luck to each of you.

                 Dr. Dasia M. Merriweather, EMT-P

Program Director

Dean of Allied Health Training